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Good Living Better Life

Back / Shoulder Pain

Gastric Reflux

Oedema / Fluid Retention

Broken Sleep

Snoring / Sleep Apnoea

Respiratory Problems


Sore Muscles

Arthritic Pain

Lack of Mobility

Why do you think every ward in every hospital has an adjustable bed as standard? ​

Why have they spent billions of dollars changing from flat beds to fully adjustable beds?

Here are just a few of the reasons:

Adjustable beds can give great positional relief - there are over 1,000 positions - you will find one that suits YOU

Resting in elevated positions may provide improved circulation and assist with faster recovery from illness / surgery

Sleeping in elevated positions may assist with a variety of health conditions - Gastric Reflux, Asthma, Oedema, Snoring, Back and Shoulder Pain to name but a few.

Adjustable beds can give great positional relief - there are over 1,000 positions - you will find one that suits YOU

Adjustable beds offer the best opportunity for the best nights sleep, waking refreshed and invigorated

Reduction in bed sores.

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Grey Bedroom

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Our products offer the best value for money and prices are GUARANTEED to be the lowest when comparing similar quality!

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Luxury With Benefits

Just because our beds offer significant benefits does not mean that they cannot be stylish and fit into a home environment without looking like a medical room.

All our beds offer:

Fully adjustable head and leg elevation

Independent control of head and leg massage

Custom pre set buttons can be saved once you find your favourite position

Varying intensity of therapeutic massage

Massage timer control

Under bed lighting for those dark nights

Wall hugging mechanism (Means the bedside table is always in reach)

Extra strong German OKIN motors lifting over 200 kgs

Luxury body hugging memory foam mattress

Lifetime warranty on the frame - Ten year warranty on the electrics - Five year warranty on the mattress

A Bed To Suit Every Client And Every Room

Every house is different and bedrooms come in all sizes - as do our clients. Our extensive range covers all popular sizes. In addition we feature a bed that has a HiLo ability (raising the bed vertically) to help those in need of nursing attendance.


Break With Tradition

We only sleep on a flat bed because that`s all we have ever known. The bed would have been invented hundreds of years ago when there was no electricity and no engineering. For these hundreds of years we have slept in a most unnatural and uncomfortable position which is why we sleep on our sides, bring our knees up and end up tossing and turning all night because we are restricting blood flow by pressing our weight on the arteries and veins. ​


The introduction of adjustable beds has helped to alleviate all that. Sleeping on our backs in an elevated position (almost impossible on a flat bed) is the modern approach to a better and healthier sleep allowing the body to recover from the battering of daily life. Our clients have been amazed at the difference and wished they they had broke with tradition years ago!

Hospital Bed


  • Independent Head and Leg elevation 

  • Variable intensity massage with timer

  • Strong German OKIN motors

  • 10 year warranty on electrics

  • User programmable preset buttons

  • Sturdy all round metal frame

  • Under bed lighting

  • USB charging ports

  • USB charging ports

  • Wall hugging feature

  • Wireless remote

  • Smart phone connectivity

  • High quality medium firm mattress

  • 5 year warranty on mattress

  • Cool gel infused memory foam

  • Mattress with zip washable cover

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Hi - Lo Beds

Hi - Lo Beds come with all the advantages of an adjustable bed as well as our professional massage functions with one important addition - the ability to raise and lower the whole bed. This allows for easier feeding your loved one as well as nursing attendance making it easier to change dressing, apply physio and offer a better general care experience. Hi - Lo Beds come with either standard mattresses or optional vinyl covered mattresses for easier cleaning where incontinence or fluid discharge may be an issue

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Why Are Lift Up Recliner Chairs So Important?

As we get older or after an illness, accident or operation, we may struggle to get in and out of a chair. This can badly affect our independence requiring a constant carer to assist with this most basic of needs. Lift up recliner chairs facilitate getting out of or into a chair at the touch of a button.

Advancements in technology have added other beneficial features. The introduction of massage therapy can greatly improve both the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage reducing the suffering from a variety of ailments.

Whilst massage therapy is not a cure for anything, it can offer temporary and repeatable relief. This coupled with a heat feature and multiple different sitting positions will also offer great relief right where and when you need it.

A Chair For All Shapes, Sizes And Needs

Nature is a wonderful thing. It presents us all with a variety of shapes and shapes and sizes and we recognise that one chair will not suit everybody so we offer a full range suiting short to tall and slim to the more curvy individual.

Leather Sofa


The Manhattan is our smaller chair best suited for those under 160kg. ​

Complete with assisted lift function helping joint strain for those who need the added assistance when sitting or standing.

  • Assisted lift function

  • Heating function

  • Gentle massage function

  • Full recline

  • Cup holders

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ACAA New Yorker (1).webp

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is our largest Chair. Enormous seat size and a full 220 Kgs lift capacity to suit our curviest of clients. ​ Classed as a Bariatric Chair, there are very few on the market and none that we know that also offer heat and massage

  • Assisted lift function

  • Gentle massage function

  • Heat function

  • Partial recline

  • Cup holders

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ACAA New Yorker.webp


New Yorker

Overall width



Overall height



Seat width



Seat depth



Floor to top of arms



Sizes are approximate due to measuring on cushioning.

Full recline length



Partial recline length



Floor to top of seat



Weight Capacity



Please refer to this size guide to find which chair would be best suitable for you.

Black Manhattan
Floral New Yorker
Blue Manhattan
Latte Manhattan
Charcoal Manhattan

Don`t just take our word for it!

Absolutely Wonderful - comfortable and so easy to get out of -Mary QLD

Not the cheapest chair on the market but it works really well and the massage is a Godsend  - J.P QLD

This chair lifts the legs higher than any other I have tried and will work wonders for my legs

I can thoroughly recommend the Evolve - really comfortable and relaxing  Colin Pritchard NSW

The whole experience has been great - helpful staff really understood my needs  as a large woman and suggested the best chair for me  and they were spot on - Grateful customer VIC


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